Midland Steel

$91,725 says it all, Jim. You gave us back control of our money. Certainly, no business owner wants to feel out of control. And, with insurance, what business owner feels in control?

You showed us how we can control our own Workers Comp destiny. We’re grateful for this.

We went through our employees’ classifications and found we could reclassify some to a lower cost class. You took work off our team by educating injured workers on how to navigate the Workers Comp system. You also burned tuned us in on the critical importance of reporting employ injuries in 24 hours or less. Our team has this down pat now.

Thanks for your keen eye and knowledge of the Workers Comp System on how to help us absolutely control our costs.




Jim and his team’s work on our employee classifications, hiring procedures, safety audits, and employee adherence to safety allowed us to control $53,403 of our premium costs in 2013. It looks like 2014 will be even better.

In addition to Jim’s diagnostics finding and fixing classification errors, Jim helped change our culture. We can feel we’re on the right path to knock our WorkComp costs down.


PROP Mechanical

Jim’s process helped open my eyes to how much money I was wasting on my Workers’ Comp insurance.

Jim suggested we implement pre – employment physicals to reduce employee injuries, improve our hiring process and installed his Audit Defender Program to guard against premium audit errors and overcharges.

Without numbers to validate Jim’s suggestions and our joint work is meaningless. So, when we could see $27,805 for 2013, we knew our work was worthwhile and even more so, as 2014 looks financially brighter.

I learned that WorkComp insurance is not “simply pay your money and hope nothing happens.”

Working with Jim and his agency I found we can control our Workers Comp costs.


Putnam Steel

Just wanted to thank you for your help in what you are doing for our company.

  1. You helped us prepare for the insurance company auditor. Your advice made the last audit quick and harmless. The auditor was in and out without any disruption of workflow. If I was giving audit scorecards, I would give us an “A” because of you.
  2. You helped us install an on-site supervisor training program. Results have been as we expected because your team keeps us on track.
  3. Your focus on our money is spot on. Our back on the job program for injured workers to help stop the insurance company from paying them and keep our costs down works in multiple ways. Obviously it saves us premium. Secondly, it shows our employees we care about them. Third, it does not slow down our work in progress. If it does, it is only a blip. Fourth, it keeps morale up.